Professor Eggehard Holler

During my entire scientific career, I had worked in the field of basic and translational research. Cancer treatment has always been my major interest from small molecular drugs to treat ovarian cancer to macromolecular nano chemistry to treat brain, breast cancers and lymphoma.

During more than 30 years at the Johann Wolfgang Goethe-Universitaet Frankfurt, and Regensburg University in Germany I supervised more than 50 PhD theses & diplomas (MS) and contributed over 230 research publications (180 peer-reviewed). During the last 16 years I have been working in the field of nanomedicine with important contributions in nano drug engineering, synthesis and delivery for cancer imaging and treatment. I developed for the first time a biopolymer nanoplatform based on polymalic acid, which was used extensively for the design and synthesis of targeted drugs for various cancers and delivery across biological barriers including blood-brain barrier (BBB). My expertise in immunochemistry covers production and chemical modification of a wide variety of antibodies and their replacement by peptides. I was the first to propose the importance of replacing antibodies by peptides to use for targeted delivery of synthetic drugs, antisense and peptide drugs. As a NIH grantee, I am well aware of the importance of efficient communication among project members/collaborators and of my role in offering solid research plan, timeline and budget. I continue to design novel nanomedicines, e.g., mini nano drugs, for preclinical stages and eventually for clinic, and open new modalities and routes for nanodrug production and systemic delivery to breast, brain, and lymphoma recipient cells. Nano imaging with targeted delivery of NIR fluorescent and MRI agents was also developed under my supervision, such as nano scale infrared compounds for intraoperative imaging that facilitates radical tumor resection.

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