We Aim Big & Make an Impact!

We Aim Big & Make an Impact!

The Terasaki Institute for Biomedical Innovation envisions a world where patient care will be customized to each individual. 

We value collaboration and have brought together top researchers from different fields – from medicine to life sciences to engineering – to focus on unsolved medical problems.

Imagine… you can work with your doctor on a personalized action plan to address your unique health needs and know which drugs will provide a cure for you with minimal side effects.

Imagine… you need surgery and learn that your recovery time will be only a few days as opposed to a few weeks allowing you to get back to work and your daily activities sooner.

Imagine… you sustain a chronic wound and your doctor is able to detect infection early on and provide delivery of drugs to eliminate the infection thus avoiding further complications to your healing process.

Our Work

With your support, you have the ability to help all of these ideas become a reality. The Terasaki Institute is focused on developing technologies and scientific advances that will enable us to bridge the gap between sickness and wellness through personalized therapeutics.

We are working towards developing smart band-aids, surgical sealants, and personalized sensors to enhance personalized care. 

We focus on understanding diseases, creating cures, and finding ways to fix the problems of transplant failure and ensure optimal patient life through expanded research areas, like tissue engineering and organ on a chip.

We are educating and mentoring the next generation of scientists and engineers to discover transformative scientific advances.

Our Legacy

As part of the Terasaki Institute’s growth plan, we are expanding infrastructure, growing our research team, and increasing our footprint within the biomedical field.

We are building upon the work of Dr. Paul I. Terasaki to enhance and create new opportunities for innovation with philanthropic support.

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