Why Give?

Why your gift matters.

Philanthropy enables the Terasaki Institute for Biomedical Innovation to work on transformative research, the flexibility to pursue the most pressing medical challenges, and the ability to quickly translate our science to practical application to benefit patients.

Enhanced personalized patient care 

Our technology platforms will personalize treatments and care for patients

Translation of research to practice

We are building an ecosystem of research and development to enable our work to be rapidly translated into products or devices to benefit patients today

Innovative Research

We work collaboratively and think creatively in our research approaches to medical problems

Educate and Empower Researchers

We mentor and educate young scientists and students at the beginning of their research careers

Our Legacy

The Terasaki Institute was founded by the generosity of the late Dr. Paul I. Terasaki, a pioneer in organ transplant technology who aspired to improve patient health. Dr. Terasaki’s passion for patient health and welfare was evident in his work to conduct impactful medical research within the transplant field. 
As part of the Terasaki Institute’s growth plan, we are growing our research team, and increasing our footprint within the biomedical field to have far-reaching effects that will manifest itself in a variety of applications. With your support we will work to optimize patient care to help fulfill Dr. Terasaki’s vision and honor his legacy. 

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